Monday, March 16, 2009


The past few days have been . . . challenging. I have had to deal with difficult people at work. I just got an email from someone that has me just wanting to cuss up a storm . . . but I can't. I have to be professional. I can't talk about it too openly. Part of it just has to do with the nature of my job. I'm trying to let go of it and take deep breaths and just realize that it goes with the territory. Because otherwise, all else is pretty good in my world. I just had to get it off my chest . . .

NOTE: I'm writing this two hours later and one of the situations that had me frustrated earlier has been resolved. I'm exhausted now, though. I will say that grading is one of the most unpleasant tasks that I do in my job. That and attend multiple meetings in which nothing ever seems to get done.


MisAnthropology said...

students....ahhhh... I think they need to make 'Night of the Living Dead' with zombie students, and they will have captured our lives.

arrrrgggg.... perfesser.... tie my shoes.... arrrgggg.... ugggg.... perfesser.... wha? ::blink blink:: what did you...uhhh... say....???? arrrrgggg....


Dee said...

Hey Mary,
After you and I had dinner, it actually got worse before it got better. I'll be glad when grading is over!!!

It's funny, my counselor today said that she's heard from several other folks about how students today need to be spoonfed. She said if it had something to do with the internet and having information always available at your fingertips - why remember it when you can always look it up? The other idea was what she called "helicopter parents" - those who do everything for their kids, which the "tie their shoes" comment implies.

Anyway, off to Norway in a few days . . . just the break I need!