Monday, March 2, 2009

Eddie, the Poor Guy

Eddie is home sick again, today, with a fever that has been as high as 102.6. We leave in a few minutes to see one of the pediatricians at the clinic. Will see what they make of it.

For the most part, he hasn't had many symptoms, other than a fever and lack of appetite. Sometimes he's had a headache. For the past day or so, he has also had a stuffy nose. His eyes started to water today and one eye is puffy because he's rubbing it so much. I bet in his weakened state, he now has a sinus infection.

Poor guy. Because he couldn't breathe out of his nose last night, we both didn't sleep well.

In the meantime, today was Z-day, only now I just have to take Zometa. No more Zoladex for me, since my ovaries were removed! Yay!


MisAnthropology said...

Logan had that thing, too. The doc said it wasn't flu, but I'm not sure I believe that. Neither David or I got it, and we had flu shots.

Dee said...

Hi Mary,
It might've been the flu. With Eddie, it was strep. Did the doc do any other tests?