Monday, December 15, 2008

Pump Up the Jam

I saw my plastic surgeon today. He thought the wound was healing nicely - he even saw some good skin tissue in the area that he was concerned about last month. I told him that I'd pretty much decided on a TRAM flap and he was fine with that. I also asked about whether or not the left tissue expander needed "pumped up" and he had time today, so he put another 50 cc in that side. So, I'm even more lopsided. I think I can see the difference and I can feel a bit of a difference, too. I said that I wanted to get to about a "B" cup. He didn't seem to know how much total saline that would take. I think I have about 400 cc's in that side now. I guess I need to measure it . . .

He's gone for the next couple of weeks, but after New Year's, I have two more "pump-ups" scheduled.

This is certainly a strange process, eh?

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