Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Doin's

A good week-end, so far. Got the tree up and decorate on Friday night. Went to a massage workshop with Scott yesterday morning - we learned great techniques for head/neck, neck/shoulders/back, arm/hand, and foot massage. Aaahhh . . .

Then, we made Christmas cutout cookies - should've taken a picture of the mess! We made the dough Friday night, then Saturday afternoon, we had 4-6 people rolling out dough, cutting it out. The girls - my niece Kenna and her friend Ashleigh - experimented with coloring the dough and made candy canes. Mom made some green Christmas trees. Then, once we cleaned off the table of the dough and flour, it was on to frosting - again, all the girls, including Scott's daughter, Ashlee, experimented with color and design.

Of course, there was some eating of cookies after they got out of the oven. We ended up frosting about 141 cookies, so my guess is that we had at least a dozen dozen cookies! (Wasn't that how many guests that Bilbo Baggins had for his 100th birthday party? The one when he gave Frodo the Ring?)

Sent a couple of dozen home with Rena, with mom, and with Ashleigh. Still have lots sitting on my counter - will send some home to Scott. May bring in more to work. Although I may freeze some, too, for Christmas day!

Today - shopping for the three gift tags that I picked up at Eddie's school - from their giving tree. I also need to get a gift for Eddie's teacher. We also need to put up some more decorations - only got the tree done, but there's a bit more to do. I also want to figure out a way to put luminarias up on my lawn, but using Christmas lights instead of candles. I want to dedicate one of them to Jane Easton, Doug's wife who died from metastatic colon cancer six months ago.

Otherwise, I think I'm finished with shopping.

I really enjoy this time of year - I love seeing the holiday lights on the houses.

Happy Sunday!

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