Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve doin's

My whole family came over for Christmas Eve. We usually have a bunch of snack foods set out and then we do our family gift exchange. Eddie received two things he really wanted - a Tabletop Price is Right game from my sister and the movie "Who Bob What Pants" from my brother. He also received a book, a sweatshirt, a reindeer with gloves, and then Santa brought him a tabletop air hockey game, an OSU shirt, a handheld UNO game, and a Deal or No Deal calendar which has weekly games.

I received a sweater, a coral necklace made by a man from Santo Domingo Pueblo (from Scott), hand-made speakers from my brother Scotty (he's going to try to make this his new business venture), a nice soft throw from my sister, new flannel pj's and a black turtleneck from my folks.

Scott received two new throws, a new pair of slippers, and a pair of pants.

We had a nice evening. Kenna (my niece) helped me make rice krispie treats and she helped me wrap some gifts for Uncle Kevy.

The kids also had a lottery ticket treasure hunt. They only won $7 all together, though, which they have to share with each other.

Well, Merry Christmas again! I need to take a shower!

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