Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not much new

The big news here has been the weather - we've had snow off and on for about 9-10 days now. It took Scott three hours to get home on Sunday, Eddie didn't have school for three days last week, and Scott's daughter Ashlee had her flight to San Diego canceled yesterday (and he has been standing in line since 2am this morning to try to get her on a stand-by flight today). We haven't had it as bad as Portland and I'm happy about that.

The week-end was fairly busy - since Ashlee was supposed to be away over Christmas, we let her and Eddie unwrap a couple of gifts on Friday and Saturday nights. We went to visit some old friends of mine on Saturday afternoon - my brother is getting into speaker design and my friend Greg has been doing that for years, so it was an opportunity for the two of them to chat. On Sunday night, one of my friends had a surprise birthday party for her husband, also an old friend of mine. Rick turned 50 and the party was at the Senior Center!

Now, I'm just trying to get caught up with some work - final edits to a revise/resubmit, class syllabi for winter, and cleaning up my office. I need to clean out my in-box and my sent-mail box - over 2500 messages in the in-box and over 3000 in the sent-mail. YIKES!

My whole family will be here on Christmas Eve, so I need to do some clean-up here at home, too. I did some on Sunday. Scott will also be here depending on the roads. Ashlee may join us, too, if she can't get out of Portland.

Z-day next Monday. We'll see how the tumor markers are doing. My wound still seems to be healing. I do have a slight cold that is more a pain in the neck than anything. Just a bit of chest congestion and a slight stuffy nose.

Can you tell I'm reaching for news to tell? LOL I'm doing fine, overall. No complaints here. It's going to be a good Christmas!

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