Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Feet Are Ready for Vegas!

This evening, I got a hair cut and I also received a pedicure. Last March, when the local paper profiled my fight with cancer and my collection of boob jokes, one of the moms at Eddie's school told her hairdresser that she knew (or had at least seen) me at school. So, her hair dresser, Lisa Mattson, the proprietor of the beauty salon, "Hair, Body, and Sole" gave the mom a gift certificate for a free pedicure to give to me. Since then, I've had the ladies there give me hair cuts and pedicures and since I am still in active treatment, my pedicures are free.

The last few times, Michelle has cut my hair and given me a haircut. I feel a certain kinship with Michelle. I saw her up at the cancer center when she was taking her mom up there for radiation treatments last summer. It was her mom who asked me once, "Why are you so cheerful?" and my reply was "Because I work at it." I tried to lighten her mom's day by telling jokes - the cancer that was in her liver had metastasized to her brain. Unfortunately, Michelle's mom died shortly after I finished my radiation treatments. Michelle's son also has Asperger's-like symptoms. Since late summer, Michelle has been my hair dresser and has given me pedicures.

Michelle gave me a haircut and pedicure tonight. When choosing the nail color for my toes, I wanted to find something festive and a color I haven't worn before. We settled on gold, so we found one that was dark enough to contrast with my skin and it has sparkles. Fortunately, Michelle didn't have another appointment, so she took her time massaging my feet and my calves and trying to soften up the callous on the balls of my feet. I drank a glass of reisling. We chatted. It was fun!

My toes look great! Perfect for Vegas - we (Eddie, Scott and Ashlee) will be there from Jan 1 to 4. My feet and legs also feel relaxed! And, to top it off, the pedicure is still free.

So, thank you, Lisa! Thank you, Michelle! And, thank you, "Hair, Body, and Sole!"

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