Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why couldn't that little bugger pick on someone who's healthy?

On Monday morning, about 8:30am, it was a bit cool (maybe 60 or 65). I was walking across the quad to my office when I saw something flit by me about knee level. Some bug, I thought. Then, the damn thing stung me. Ouch!

When I got to my office, I'd already developed a welt about an inch and a half in diameter. I am not allergic to bees, but I do get these rather big welts and swelling. They itch like crazy, usually. Great . . .

But I left it alone, got involved in a conference call, and later that afternoon, I showed it to my friend who was over here cutting down my cherry tree. Lo and behold, there wasn't a welt any longer. There was just a little red bump, so I forgot about it.

Later that evening, I wanted to scratch it, but I left it alone. I congratulated myself because I usually give in to the urge.

But the next morning, I did scratch it, but only around the edge. I had this topical analgesic for insect bites and I rubbed it on the area hoping to numb it.

By lunch, the area of the sting, right below my knee, was swollen. When I got up from my office chair, my knee was stiff. Cripes. I must've released the venom when I used the slight pressure to put on the topical analgesic. I walked to lunch with a colleague, then walked to my car to go to my appointment with the oncologist.

Later that afternoon, the whole area was swollen and red - about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. But even worse, there was some swelling that went down my shin, to just about 3 inches above my ankles. All told, an area of about 10 inches long (including the red area) and maybe 3 inches wide was swollen. That was Tuesday night.

I put my foot up and the swelling didn't really go down. By the time I went to bed, I was worried and decided to go to Immediate Care the next day if it wasn't better.

Wednesday morning, I headed to Immediate Care after dropping Eddie off at school. The whole area was swollen and the muscles along my shin ached with movement. And, it was itchy.

The doctor there said that he didn't think it was necessarily just a venom reaction. He thought that there just might be an infection. Luckily, I didn't have a fever or any other sign of an infection (a slight sore throat, but that might not be related). So, he's put me on a 7-day course of antibiotics. (He also took out the stinger, which I wasn't sure was there or not.)

I took the first dose with lunch yesterday and I also took Benadryl to help the swelling. But yesterday afternoon, the swelling was still there - it didn't go away - and all I felt was sleepy.

So, just before taking the second dose, I finally figured out something else I could do. I still had some turmeric paste and as I mentioned several months ago, turmeric has antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties and is good for skin conditions, generally. I think it may even help remove toxins. So, I put some on with my leg elevated and let it soak like that, like a poultice, for about 20 minutes. Then I cleaned it all off.

By the time I went to sleep an hour or so later, most of the swelling was gone. I used it again this morning and the whole area felt better, although there were times when I could still feel some stiffness.

This morning, my acupunturist put in a needle to help remove toxins along that meridian. She also gave me another topical ointment that will remove toxins.

It's much better - maybe the combo plate of taking out the stinger, antibiotics, the turmeric, the acupuncture, and the other ointment. Who cares? It's healing.

But, sheesh. Seems like the bugger could've picked on someone else. I mean, haven't I been through enough?

Then again, I want to be normal, right? Insect stings might as well get me as someone else.

Just what I need, an equal opportunity bug.

P.S. When I mentioned this to Cat, she said that sometimes bees or other insects "might get into something" that will cause an illness - like the bug may have gotten some kind of bacteria or other toxin on its stinger and transferred it to me. That's a lovely thought.


Carver said...

That is adding insult to injury for you to get stung. I'm sorry and hope it will get better soon.

jeanne said...

Good heavens! your body doesn't do anything halfway, does it?! It would be quite impressive, if the experience hadn't been such a hassle! :o) nyc j

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Yes it is like adding insult to injury. It was better by Fri night, after two days of antibiotics, the turmeric paste, and the ointment my acupunturist gave me.

And, Jeanne, that is a funny observation about not doing anything halfway - it would be nice if it was just a normal sting - but an infected one? What's up with that? Let's just hope the little bugger died after stinging me.

Hope you both had a good week-end!