Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tackling the Calcium Spots in the Bone Marrow

I chatted with my acupuncturist today about what I could do about the spots in the bones. After explaining that the body was trying to contain the colonies of cancer cells by surrounding them with calcium, she then characterized my disease as a "latency", according to Chinese Medicine.

In other words, we have contained the disease and that is an accomplishment. It means that my body is starting to turn the tide. Cancer had the upper hand, but given all the tools I'm using (western medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, meditation, visualization, some other spiritual kinds of activities), we're/I'm finally getting ahead.

But, it has taken a lot of my "wei chi" or righteous chi to get to this point. She said that there are things that Chinese medicine could do to try to get that toxin out of my system (even if it's dead cancer cells), but my righteous chi might not be strong enough now to contain it. We could cause the cancer to gain the upper hand again if we went that route right now.

She advised me to just keep healing, take care of the wound, take care of my body, get adequate nutrition, good sleep at night, don't overload myself at work or stress out with other issues. In other words, keep doing everything I can to heal by resting and taking it as easy as possible. (Note to self: time to start saying no to stuff at work!)

After several months (or however long it takes), we'll revisit the issue when she feels my righteous chi is strong again.

Fair enough. I think that means no major procedures or anything else at this time.

Like Mary said, just keep on keeping on. I may need some help from my loved ones to "just say no!" Can someone tell that to my boss? : )

Actually, I am my own worst enemy there. Since I've been feeling better and more energetic, work-related projects are starting to move forward again. And some colleagues asked me to get involved in a resubmit for one proposal and another one asked me to sign on to a new project. The first is needed and the second sounds interesting and relates to something that I've been asking for from hard scientists for awhile, so I said yes to both (and I don't have to do the major part of the proposal - just add in my two cents). I need to get a handle on them and the other projects I have before signing on to anything else. Especially since classes start soon. Darnit! I wish my sabbatical could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on . . . you get the picture, eh?

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