Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting . . .

I had my CT scan yesterday and the radiology tech told me that the radiologist would probably read it later that day and that the transcribed report would be available to my oncologist today. I left a message for my doc to call me with the results when he got them . . . and I haven't heard from him yet. Trying to be patient . . .

In other news, my wound care nurse thought that the wound was healing. There was more pink tissue - yay! It's moving slowly, but surely, so that's good news!

I took my son and my folks and brother to the state fair yesterday. It was a fun time - I rode the Sea Dragon with Eddie twice. It's the one ride I can go on without getting motion sickness. It was nice to get out and about.

Other than that, just putzing around the house. I rearranged my living room about 11 days ago and now I'm thinking of moving another couple of pieces around.

As soon as I hear, I will let you all know!

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