Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another decent night of sleep

I was able to get another decent night's sleep. I still wake every couple of hours, but I was able to get back to sleep. I daresay I got about 7 hours last night. A good thing!

The rest of this post is not for the queasy, but in case it'll ever help someone else, I'm gonna go ahead and report it.

So, those two black spots? Well, on Wednesday evening, I noted that the Biafine lotion I use to heal the open skin wound was actually forming strands over them. (Not sure exactly how Biafine works - but based on this observation, I think the lotion creates a kind of gel-like scaffolding that the skin tissue can form on.) My thought was, "No, we don't want to keep that stuff buried in my skin if it's cancer. We want that crap out!" So, I stopped putting Biafine over those black areas.

On Thursday, it seemed like my body was starting to push those black areas out as more of them were exposed. Thursday night, the bottom black one seemed more charcoal-gray and somewhat clear.

On Friday, the two areas seemed to be bumped up again each other and the bottom one was more gray. Last night, the bottom one was CLEAR and it looked like a gel-like substance, maybe 1/4 inch thick, maybe about 1/2 wide. The black area on the top now looks like a black scab. To the right of the two areas, the tissue (which is white and red) looked like it was pulling away from them and perhaps even irritateed a bit. When I push on the black area or the red/white tissue to the right of it, a bit of clear fluid leaks from it.

What the f#@* is it? I meant to call my plastic surgeon yesterday and/or one of my oncologists. Hell if I know. My thought this morning is that the bottom clear one is part of the tissue expander and that somehow the tissue expander has ruptured there because the radiation made all that tissue tight. I have an appointment with my rad onc on Monday, but I'm also going to see if my plastic surgeon can fit me in as well. Then I have an appointment with my onc on Tuesday.

The good news is that I have absolutely no sensation in that area.

I am not sure how usual this is, but it's weird. I guess I continue to be a "puzzle". Good for the docs, I guess. Keeps them on their toes!

In a good mood otherwise. Not much to do about it now, so I'm gonna head to Portland and enjoy myself!

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Carver said...

I'm so glad that you are getting some sleep. The skin issues are odd. I didn't think cancer would have a liquid coming out of it. I know with melanoma it's a good sign to have fluid since that usually means it's not cancer. As you said, good one to question the docs about.