Monday, August 4, 2008

Eddie's Price is Right Birthday Game Show!

Well, the party went off without a hitch with lots of help from my family, my ex, and one or two other moms. One mom told me, "You should get the "best mom of the year" for this party". A lot of parents said that it was a cool idea. I'm just glad I had the time off to do something like this. Having metastatic breast cancer means that you want to make good memories for your child.

My folks and my brother Scotty helped with the set-up - making sure we brought out enough tables for snacks and as many chairs as we could spare - and then we set up the games. My sis and her daughter and friend helped to set up games, too. With the last game and the cake/ice cream, I asked Tim (Eddie's dad) to take over as I was nearing the end of my rope and he was fine with that. My brother Scotty will make a little edited video for Eddie for his birthday.

My legs and lower back were achey and tight from standing so long. Mom took care of the food and kitchen clean-up. Another mom picked up garbage and then set aside all the supplies we'd brought out. Another mom helped bring in furniture afterwards. Dad and Scott brought most of the furniture in. My sister's daughter and her friend were "Bob Barker" and "Drew Carey" and ran the games for me.

I couldn't have done it without all of them. It was fun - Eddie has good memories, and my brother just completed a video of the whole event for Eddie.

So, a huge thanks to Henk (my brother-in-law), Brenda, and Scott for helping me with Plinko and the Big Wheel. Another humongus, gihugic thanks to my folks for helping me clean, and then my folks, Scotty, Rena, Kenna and Ashleigh (Kenna's friend) for helping me set up the games and the food. Thanks to Tim for getting the pizza and the ice cream and for taking over the Showcase Showdown and the cutting of the cake. Thanks to Kathy and Norma for helping me with clean-up. Another hugigic thanks to my folks, Scotty, Rena, and Kenna and Ashleigh for bringing in furniture and clean-up. And, thanks to all of Eddie's friends who made it to the party! He really enjoyed himself! I couldn't have pulled it off without all of their help.


jeanne said...

That is so cool. So very cool. Dee, you rock. You rock the cancer. You rock being a mom. You rock anthropology. You just plain rock. nyc jeanne

Dee said...

I could say the same about you! I don't if I necessarily "rock" anthropology, but I do try my best. And, I must admit that I did have fun planning the whole thing - it just took a lot of work organizing it there at the end - but the planning itself was fun! And, the cool thing is that now Eddie has two "presents" with the Plinko Board and the Big Wheel. He spins the Big Wheel now at least several times a day.

And, yes, I'm trying to rock the cancer! I'll write a post about that today - see "Stray Cat Strut"!!