Monday, February 18, 2008

General silliness on a beautiful sunny day

Let's face it . . . cancer is a terrible thing. It helps me, and others with cancer, to be able to blog about it and share our experiences. (P.S. Is "blog" a verb now? I heard "google" is now officially a verb, so I wondered if "blog" is, too?) But, sometimes, it's nice to report good news or to just be happy and positive and to report on that, too.

So, what am I happy for today? For one, it's beautiful and sunny in the Pacific Northwest. Second, while tired (still recovering from too little sleep), I'm doing okay on Xeloda and Tykerb. I have some periods of "urpiness" (is "urpy" a word?), but overall I'm tolerating them okay. I have great hope that I'll be like Liz Kreger and Jeanne Sather, who have little side effects on these drugs. Third, I had a good day . . . a computer guy at work found some old emails that I couldn't locate because my department upgraded my CPU a couple of years ago - luckily, someone copied them to my external drive beforehand! Fourth, we had a department meeting at noon . . . and they paid for lunch! Yummers. Fifth, I had Zoladex (my anti-ovary pellet) injected into my abdomen today . . . and while I will continue to have hot flashes and some insomnia, the nurse, Paula, who administers it was so sweet and nice and answered all my questions. Nancy, another nurse was there, too, and she was friendly and nice. Both know the drill when it comes to breast cancer, so it was nice not to have to go into great detail about stuff. Sixth, my folks are going to come over at 7pm so that I can go to the breast cancer support group tonight - the theme tonight is that we're learning "meditative calligraphy". I also hope to talk to the facilitator and the local breast cancer coordinator about bringing down Jeanne Sather to talk about blogging.

Yep, I'm in a good mood - I'm just so relieved that I'm doing okay on these meds. My prior experience with chemo was really unpleasant. Each time, my nausea was worse than the last time. I threw up, lost my appetite, and developed aversions to certain foods. I hate feeling nauseous, so I'm very thankful that I'm not nauseous at all. Yippee!!

How many silly or questionable words did I use in this post? Let's see: "blog" as a verb, "urpy", "yummers". What other words can I use?

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