Monday, February 25, 2008

Eddie Spaghetti

You know, I haven't really posted many entries about my son. Part of my reluctance is related to safety reasons, but tonight, partly at the urging of a friend, and partly because he was just so cute this evening, I decided to write something.

Jeanne at said that I should write a post about cutting Eddie's hair last night. Like Jeanne, I am the only person who has ever cut my son's hair. He's 7 1/2 years old but still doesn't want to go to a barber. I don't really know what I'm doing, but it looks okay, if sometimes uneven because he moves around while I trim. It also takes me longer than it might for a regular barber. But even so, I like to do this. Eddie still doesn't like it because I take too long and he wants to get up and move around, but when I suggest that he go to a barber instead, his reply is, "But, mama, you ALWAYS cut my hair!" So, I cut it because I like the idea that I'll always be around to do it.

Also, this morning, Eddie asked that we go to Borders Books after school so he can get the next books in the Magic Treehouse series. So, we bought three - #25, #26, and #27. Well, ever since we got them, he's been reading them. After dinner at my folks' house, Eddie went into the living room. Things were pretty quiet, so I went to check on him and there he was, sitting cross-legged on the floor, with his nose in a book. He read a book all the way home, too. He's already read the first two and is working on #3. So cute!

When I was pregnant, Eddie's dad, Tim, told our childbirthing class that he wished our son would like reading as much as I did. Well, it's true. I think he's hooked!

Last week, Eddie was the soldier in the play "Daniel and the Lions" that his class did for chapel. His teacher said she chose Eddie for this role because 1) it had the most lines and Eddie is one of the better readers in class; 2) he knows how to read with expression; and 3) his voice carries. He didn't need to use the microphone. He did very well and the other parents in the pews told me how cute he was! He even had to say "absurb" and they were surprised that he didn't trip over that word!

Am I a proud mama, or what? Of course I am!

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