Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can one be woozy and still be on an even keel?

That question seems oxymoronic, doesn't it? I mean, woozy implies that I'm dizzy, maybe unsteady, or swaying while being on an "even keel", means you're standing straight and tall. But maybe if I clarify - I'm physically woozy, but emotionally more on an even keel.

I'm physically woozy because I had both a bone scan and a CT scan today. When I went in today for my injection, the nuclear med folks called the CT folks and asked if they could fit me in and, lo and behold, they could. So, my morning went like this: I dropped my son off, then was about 5 min late for the injection, I got the injection, waited a bit, then went to get the CT scan, had about a half hour to grab my chai and a bagel, then saw the cardiologist, and then walked back down for the bone scan. So, I think both of the injections I received were radioactive - the bone scan definitely was, while the tech called the CT stuff "contrast". Everyone told me I should drinks lots of water (I have) and I haven't had any trouble with eating, but I am feeling slightly woozy.

But, as of yesterday, I'm feeling calmer, stronger, and in control again. On Tuesday, I cried a lot when I was at work - it was therapeutic to get it out and also to talk about what was going on with people. My colleagues are very supportive and their assurance and love and telling me they are there for me was just what the doctor ordered! Also, at the last minute, some representatives from Grand Ronde "smudged" me with sweetgrass and I think it was tobacco (I said it was sage at first, but it doesn't smell that way). They were at OSU picking up their materials from the Horner Collection - which was a very long process and it feels good that they got their artifacts back! The representatives are: Eirik Thorsgard (a former grad student), Bobby Mercier (who sang songs and gave a prayer in Chinook Wawa), and Travis. I have the leftover sweetgrass and tobacco they used and I must admit that just smelling them brings me some calm. So, I thank those three men for doing that for me and for my department for giving me such good support.

The cardiologist wants me to have an EKG, at which point, he will be able to tell me whether my heart damage is permanent or from the flu I had a few weeks ago and therefore temporary). The EKG is two weeks from Monday, on Feb 25.

Which brings me to this question: I want to reciprocate the efforts of Eirik, Bobby, and travis, but am not sure what it is I should do. Does anyone have any ideas?

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