Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted

I have been struggling with loss of appetite and off and on constipation. So I check Facebook and my email and that is about it. I have beenable to decrease the pain meeds and am takin Zofran 2/day now. Trying to wean off the dilaudid now.

I actually did some paperwork yesterday and need to pay bills this weekend and get my checkbook caught up. Also, with shaky fingers, it is hard to trim my fingernails, so they are way too long for me (perhaps normal for many).

Eddie started school last week and wishes summer wasn't over. He is with his dad this weekend. He is now as tall as I am.

Decided to go with COBRA over OMIP for the last three months of 2011 as I save a few hundred dollars because of acupuncture.

I guess that's all. Life isn't too exciting. Oh. I have a CT scan on Monday and perception on Friday. We will see what else to do after the CT scan on Monday.

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Stephen Loring said...

Hey Dee, its Stephen Loring checking in. Word of your "affair' has trickled to the East Coast and the Arctic Studies Center and all of us (especially Igor, Bill and Jake Homiak and I)are deeply concerned and sending our thoughts and prayers and best wishes your way. Tremendous best wishes and much love from your old pals.