Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CT results

I received my CT results came in today. As expected, there is cancer bin the skin. But also there is "some" progression in my left lung.

In addition, I have "unusual" changes in my uterus and cervix and my cervis was a bit larger than it should be. So, I have an emergency appointment with my gynecologist on Monday.

Maybe what I thought was bloody urine was vaginal bleeding. Of course I think the worst.

But as dad says, don't borrow trouble before we know for sure.



j said...

Wow. That is a lot to take in. And it seems like you have had a lot to take in for quite awhile. How are you feeling about all this? Say as much or as little as you want. Just know that I'm thinking of you, rooting for you no matter what your mood or your spirit. Willing you strength and rest and a sense of peace for whatever lies ahead. {Word of the day: Sulai.}

Joanna said...


I am thinking of you and just hope that there is treatment that can make the cancer retreat. You are very special and you have a lot of supporters out here.

Debbi said...

Praying for you....
I am at the beginning of this journey.
And I am already finding that it is so stressful to wait and then find out test results.
Will be reading to see how the GYN appointment goes. (((hugs)))

laurie said...

Won't re-type the expletives that just poured out of my mouth. But you're right - borrowing trouble is unhelpful. I've done it many times and all I did was wear myself out. Hoping for some good news soon. xo