Monday, February 14, 2011

Referral Tag - Why am I always "it"? LOL

While I was in Hawaii, both my (ahem) former plastic surgeon and my regular oncologist referred me to surgeons at OHSU in Portland. I figured I'd wait until today, after I got home, to call to make appointments. I was too busy to call.

I decided that I should call the regular surgeon (referred by my oncologist) first and get his referral for a plastic surgeon before I make any appointments.

So, I verified the OHSU surgeon's name with my doctor's office and called to make an appointment.

The scheduler said that she can't schedule an appointment until she receives my records from Dr. K.

I called Dr. K's office and told them that while Dr. K may have already discussed my case with the surgeon - and the surgeon has apparently already agreed to do the surgery - the surgeon's office still needs the records.

Dr. K's office said that they FAXed my records to the OHSU surgeon's office sometime last week. But just in case, they would FAX the records again for me.


I called the OHSU's surgeon's office and reported that Dr. K's office FAXed the records last week. The OHSU surgeon's scheduler said she hadn't received them. I informed her that Dr. K's office was sending them again.

So. I wait.

Somehow, I became the go-between "it" person in the tag game between these doctors.

The OHSU surgeon is apparently out of town until the first week of March, so now I have no idea for when my surgery might be scheduled.

I can't make plans - like colleagues taking over my classes - until I know more.

Ah, there's a lesson here. Live in the moment! LOL

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