Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Need a Personal and a Professional Secretary! Holy Cow!

Yesterday, I had three appointments and then I tried to attend to some details at work. Took care of some details on Monday but didn't get to all of them. I felt unsettled all day. I couldn't remember what it was I needed to do at work - luckily, I printed out stuff I needed to respond to and finally got to that today.

Then, I had to sit and think about those things I needed to follow up on with regard to my medical stuff. I ended up spending 45 minutes on the phone this afternoon talking to the wound care supply company (yes, I need those dressings sooner than the 30-days that was authorized; the wound is draining more! It's 15cm x 11cm big! I go through 8 packages of drain sponges and it's still been leaking out onto my clothes! - I said that three times, I think) and also waiting on hold with the surgeon's office in Portland. That office was supposed to call me back yesterday. I also had to call my oncologist's office to see if they refilled my Flagyl prescription - I crush the pills and sprinkle the powder on my dressings to cut down on wound odor. They had forgotten to have my doc authorize the prescription on Monday and apologized for their error so they took care of it this afternoon - I can pick that up any time.

Luckily, the wound care nurse has supplies that I can use until I get the reordered supplies from the wound care supply company.

The doctors' office in Portland apologized because they realized they had forgotten to call me yesterday to tell me that they need to have the surgeon make the call about whether or not he can squeeze me into his schedule sooner rather than later. They will see him tomorrow and will call me back.

I need a personal secretary to help me keep track of these phone calls to doctors' office and wound care supply companies.

My mom just told me that she put the clothes that I washed into the dryer because I forgot about them.

I also need a Professional Secretary to remind me who I need to respond to on email. I got about 50 messages today, about 15-20 of which needed answering . . .

I needed to take care of these details because I will be spending the next few days with my son, who will be attending his first academic tournament with his school. He is on the Knowledge Bowl team, who compete tomorrow. We are staying in Portland for this and I expect to have fun. He'll be able to play in the pool at the hotel with his school buddies. We hope to go to Powells and maybe to Ikea and to visit with some of my friends there in Portland.

Then, Monday afternoon, I fly to Vegas for two nights. I will be hanging out with my friends from Hawaii and we plan to go to Red Rock Canyon and to see Cirque du Soleil Zumanity!

Life settles down a bit after that - oops, no wait, I will spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods cowriting an article with a colleague. Then life settles down a bit.

That is, of course, until I have surgery.

Then spring term classes start again.

Good thing I'm drinking a glass of red wine tonight! Ha!

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Joanna said...

You are one busy lady. Cirque Du Soleil will be fabulous. I hope the fun activities that you have scheduled counter-balance all the junk you need to deal with.