Friday, February 18, 2011


My son is having a great time here in Portland.

We are here for his school's annual academic tournament - they have multiple competitions in academic, music, and sports.

He participated in the Knowledge Bowl yesterday. Unfortunately, they lost their first two matches. He didn't seem too disappointed. He was anxious to get into our hotel's indoor swimming pool.

We're staying at the Embassy Inn and Suites - it has a wonderful inner courtyard, complete with a waterfall and koi ponds. They also have a nice continental breakfast plus a "manager's happy hour", with free drinks and also snacks.

Eddie didn't get much time with kids while in Hawaii. Here at the hotel, he's getting as much time as he can handle. He's having a great time playing in the pool, running with his pals through the hotel.

While he does that, I'm visiting with the other parents and the teachers.

I feel like I should be doing something . . . my folks came with us and I just want everyone to have a good time. So, I feel like a tour guide, but I'm trying to get everyone to voice their opinions about what they want to do. Hard work!

Eddie would love to just hang at the hotel. But I want to get out and look around Portland. So, this morning, after watching part of the Spelling Bee, we went to Ikea. Finally found a TV stand for the flat screen we bought before Thanksgiving. We also bought a few other little things.

Then we had lunch with a dear friend of mine.

Eddie was in the pool for an hour and a half, then we came back to the room to relax. Then I picked up dinner from Red Robin. Then it was visiting time for me - and pool time for Eddie. I stayed down in the courtyard/snack area and Eddie hung out with his friends. He ended up staying the night in a friend's room. It is like one big slumber party for him.

All in all, it was a good day. Ed seems to be having fun. I'm having fun chatting with the other parents. My folks seem happy, too.

We head home tomorrow, then Monday afternoon, I fly to Vegas and come back Wed evening. Then Thurs pm, I have an appointment with the OHSU docs.

Busy month. I'm just glad I had energy to do it all!

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