Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home from Vegas; Dad is doing better

I got home from Vegas last night - roads were okay since the weather system didn't hit until early morning today. I picked up Eddie - it was great to see him again!

This morning, we woke to a few inches of snow, but I still drove Eddie and me to our appointments. Then a friend of mine, R., kept me company to go to OHSU, just in case the roads were bad. But the roads were fine.

I met with both the surgeon and plastic surgeon - I really like both of them! They are going to try to schedule me for surgery ASAP, which may be the week of March 14. I will keep you posted once it's scheduled. It's going to be a long surgery - maybe 7 or so hours. But they feel they can take care of the area under the armpit and reconstruct the tissue there. They said that I have the distinction of being a "unique" (or "unusual"?) case. Dr. P (the surgeon) kept saying even though one or two options are closed because of prior treatments, there are other options. They will take the latissimus muscle on the left - probably the whole muscle - to reconstruct the armpit. They will take out the implant - so I will be flat for awhile. But a much more positive experience than with Dr. *##!

Dad is doing okay. She got up to walk around twice today. I saw him this morning and was able to tell one of the docs to "stop barking at her" and to "ask gently" to move. The nurse (N.) gave me a thumbs up and said I did the right thing!

I am about to go up and say hi. We had to wait for the nurse shift change to see her. I'll write a P.S. with news . . .  

P.S. Dad was okay. Drifting in and out of sleep. Chatted with the nurse about his recovery. Send healing energy her way somshe can get a good night's rest. Love to you all . . . Thank you for your good energy, thoughts, and prayers so far.

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