Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Sensitive to Smells

I had a fairly uneventful weekend. Watched my softball team play in the playoffs, although I placed myself on the injured list. Still too much pain in my arm. They lost on Friday but won on Sunday. They/we are supposed to play on Friday this week, but 10 members of our 13 member team will be away on vacation.

Tried to beat the heat -it was in the 90s most days - ran errands with Eddie, played in the water with him in the backyard, went to Home Depot to build a planter for the area to the right of the garage, garage sales, etc. Mundane stuff.

I helped dad paint the trellis today ( after working for a few hours this am, writing emails, editing, etc.,) and afterwards, I rested in the house where it was cooler. But gradually, I started feeling nauseous/dizzy/woozy. And I was tired and sorta napped a couple of times.

This is exactly how I felt two weeks ago, when I was at my cousin's house in Nome, after I had an interview with an elder whose house reeked of cigarette smoke. Today, I did catch a whiff or two of paint fumes, even though I tried to avoid it. I also feel like this whenever I smell cigarette smoke when I am out and about, but usually not for long since I move away from cigarette smoke pretty quickly.

My point? It seems to me that, at the moment, that I am now super sensitive to toxic fumes (like cigarette smoke or paint fumes). And if I am around them for an extended time, I get nauseous and tired. No energy. Complicated by the pain pills which can make me nauseous or drowsy, so I may be more sensitive than normal for me.

I think my body is strongly encouraging me to stay away from these potentially carcinogenic materials. My immune system may be on high alert after the t-cell (Herminator-2) infusions. It is trying to protect me by warning me to stay away from such fumes.

So, guess what my strategy is? Stay away from the fumes. Particularly as ling as I take the pain pills.

Okay, I am going to rest again!

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