Monday, May 3, 2010

Winner of the T-cell Naming Contest: Herminator-2!

I didn't get any more entries for the t-cell naming contest. The three entries were:

Herminator-2 by Heather Kenagy
H2Life - by Alex Cyrus
T-cell Choppers - by Rena Seunninga

I have chosen the winner - Herminator-2! Thank you, Heather! I will be in touch with you after I create the mandala, but it might be a few weeks, okay?

Postscript: Heather's husband, after I named the winner on Facebook, posted a comment: "I'll be back!"

Herminator-2 is more perfect than I realized! The Herminator-2 cells will be taken from me next Monday, where the lab will clone them until they have millions (maybe billions) and then they will give them back to me. Wow! Isn't that great! Too too funny! A perfect name! So, the Herminator-2 cells "will be back!" : )

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