Tuesday, May 25, 2010

House Projects

I haven't posted much these last few days. I've finished my mosaic - I put the sealant on it on Sunday.  I'll post a picture when I remember to do so.

Then, I started repainting my bedroom.  My dad and my brother painted it last year, but I never quite took to the color (a rosy color) - it was a compromise color with my former boyfriend. 

I hadn't intended to do all four walls at once - I figured one wall a day, but it went fairly quickly, so I decided to do the whole room.  I spent the last two days putting two coats of primer over it.  Whew.  A lot of work.

I picked out my new colors.  I decided that I would pretend that my bed is a beach chair or beach chaise lounge.  On two walls, it will look like sand on the bottom with a blue sky above it.  And, on the other two walls, it will be a darker blue sea with the same blue sky.  And, I might paint a sun in the southeast corner. 

Now, we'll see if I can pull it off.  I'll post pictures when finished!

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