Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update - Physical Therapy and Cording

I saw my physical therapist yesterday. I still have cording from the swollen lymph nodes under my left arm pit. It's about the same. The pain is still there, especially when I try to stretch my arm. In fact, my physical therapist noted that it's getting a bit harder to straighten my left elbow all the way. I can feel a stretched tendon? or nerve? going all the way up the inside of my arm to the wrist.

I have, however, gained some range of motion on the tight right shoulder - I've gained about 5 degrees, but there's still some more to go.

She spent most of the time stretching my arms and shoulders - to try to increase lymph drainage on the left armpit, and to release fascia that's scarred from surgery and radiation on the right side. It always feel good when she does that. Then we did some exercises - I'm starting to do some exercises for my core strength - and I need to get better about exercises to increase the strength of the muscles in my rotator cuff.

On the one hand, having additional appointments is a pain. On the other hand (or should I say shoulder? LOL), seeing the therapist and starting exercises for arm/shoulder/rotator cuff/core strengthening feels like the right thing to do - like I'm doing something positive for myself, which increases my quality of life. And, that's a good thing.

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