Monday, May 17, 2010

Herceptin . . . and Week-end News

On Thursday evening, I went to the cabin at Shotpouch Creek for an interesting discussion with an author named Jack Nisbet, who's written several books about various explorers here in the Northwest. The most recent book was The Collector and that was what we talked about over a dinner and a glass of wine. It was an interesting conversation - and I was able to talk some about the colonial predilection to collecting artifacts and how some indigenous peoples have had to fight to get their artifacts returned to them. Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and I met more interesting people.

Then, I had another Herceptin treatment on Friday. I was able to go to work afterwards - feeling somewhat tired, but not dog-tired-fatigue. I went to our department faculty meeting - we were discussing our policies with regard to our Ph.D. program. My legs felt slightly shaky (not a lot) afterwards, but not as bad as before. I think this means that my body is getting used to Herceptin - and I think Joanna from Colorado might say that I don't have as many cancer cells floating around. I hope she's right!

I went to the Drag Show with dad on Friday night. When I went a couple of years ago, they had some of the professional drag queens from Portland and Eugene perform first. They weren't able to perform this year, so it was just students. However, some of the students were great! I was pretty tired, though, and my butt and hips were sore from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs. Also, my lower back was achey, which was a result of my kidneys trying to process the Herceptin.

On Saturday, after getting to sleep in some, I ended up putzing around the house and running errands around town. I also worked on my mosaic - grouting around the tiles. I am using a grout that I can color different colors. I worked on it a couple of hours on Saturday, then we went to the OSU Pow Wow. We had a free meal there - salmon, wild rice, salad, yams, and huckleberry cobbler. Yum! After a few hours, I took mom, dad, and Eddie home and then went back to the Pow Wow to keep my colleagues and friends company. Not many people showed up . . .

Then, on Sunday, after sleeping in again, dad and I went to Home Depot to exchange some items for the side storage shed we're building. Then I worked on the mosaic, ran errands, took a walk with Eddie, and then, since it was so nice, Eddie played on his slip /n slide. My softball team had its first game of the season - I didn't play very well at all and my right shoulder is very tight still so throwing was difficult. It was fun though - a couple who played with us beginning 19 years ago and who have played in maybe 6 or 7 years decided to get back on the team. That was fun! We won 15-14 with no help from me. Then off to a local pizza place and a beer.

So, it was a great week-end. Luckily, I had energy and had fun with friends and colleagues. I'm glad that Herceptin isn't giving me the really bad fatigue anymore. It's nice to function somewhat normally!

I had a physical therapy appointment this morning - good thing as my right shoulder was feeling tight from softball. My therapist is loosening some adhesions and I think it really helps.

Anyway, life is good. Just waiting to get my Herminator-2 cells back. The countdown to "hermination" of the cancer cells is 17 days.


Joanna said...

You are my Herceptin buddy. Now I am a little ahead of you in the treatment schedule. I had my Herceptin last Wednesday and was able to go and play tennis several hours after getting it. I have really found that getting some exercise after the infusion feels impossible but once you do it, the aftereffects are so much more tolerable.

I am glad your cancer load is diminishing and that Herceptin does not have as much to do.


Dee said...

@Joanna, I like the idea of having a Herceptin buddy! And, I will have to try doing something afterwards and see if that helps with the aftereffects . . .

Take care, buddy!