Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! Sshh! The weather guys (why do I assume that they are males?) said we were supposed to have showers today . . . but the sun is out. It's breezy, too, apparently, but it's sunny! I took a few pictures of various plants blooming on my property, but my son erased them yesterday so he could take some mini-movies of himself and his Big Wheel. So, instead, I will post a couple of photos.

This first one is in honor of my mom. She's on the left and Aunt Cecilia (who died about two years ago of lung cancer) is on the right. They dressed up in the lobster suits they had to wear for flying in the helicopter to King Island. The lobster suits would keep them alive (for 20 minutes, I think) in the frigid Bering Sea if the helicopter crashed. But obviously, the makers of the lobster suits were thinking they'd be for white men, not for little Eskimo ladies. They all laughed so hard at themselves!

The next one is a picture of me and Eddie in January 2007 (yikes! 16 months ago) when we visited a friend and former colleague (John Kilburn) and his family (Judy, Maddy, and Bo) in Laredo, Texas. I worked with John (Bubba) in Connecticut and then we both moved on to bigger and better things! (Sh, don't tell them that - I think we were both happy for the opportunity to get that first teaching job.)

Anyway, this picture tells me that I need to get someone to take another picture of me and Eddie here soon. He's much taller - at least up to my shoulder! Last night, as I played cards, Eddie sat on my lap and reached across the table for popcorn - so then I reached my arm out to measure mine against his - and yikes! - his arm is just about as long as mine. He'll be 8 this summer.

Happy Mother's Day!


Carver said...

Happy Mother's Day Dee! I love the shot of your mother and aunt, what a hoot. Also a great one of your and your son. I hope you are having a pleasant day.

mynameischarlene said...

Happy Mother's Day Deanna! I hope its a good one. Oh my goodness Eddie is getting taller!

Well, let him know that most of the snow is finally gone, the birds are here and we still have sea ice! And the roads are mostly open. We'll be off to camp by the end of the month! We can't wait.

I hope you enjoyed your day and had fun! keep in touch. Love charlene

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
Yeah, when I couldn't post pictures of flowers, I decided to post a picture of my mom - and that one in the lobster suit came to mind! It was really funny - they had all the rest of us giggling because they were laughing! I had a good Mother's Day - I hope you had a good one as well. Hope you were able to talk to your daughter! I played softball, too, but we lost. Bummer. Thanks for visiting and I owe you an email! My family was here for awhile this afternoon - it was fun, although Eddie was driving us a bit bonkers with his new game show DVD.

Hi Charlene! Yes, Eddie is getting taller! I hope you had a great Mother's Day, too. All of your kids are getting taller, too, huh? I'll let Eddie know the snow is finally gone, but that you still have sea ice. Have been thinking about camp lately - I really enjoyed being in camp that July 2005. The chance to just chill out and relax and watch the weather and drink tea - I don't get to do that often enough here. Hmm . .. I think I will have to get a place at the coast sometime soon. Tell you mom and everyone else hi! Love, Deanna

Thanks for visiting, you two. I hope you had a great day!

Jeanne said...

Hi Dee--this is a great photo of you and Eddie, and a funny one of your mom and aunt in those lobster suits!

I'll bring my camera when I come down next week, and let's take some new shots of you and Eddie. That would be fun.


Dee said...

Thanks, Jeanne! That'll be fun to have some more pictures of me and Eddie. I hope you're doing well.