Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doing Okay

Jeanne (from NYC) asked me today how I was doing.

I'm doing okay.

I got a good 9 hours sleep last night, which I needed. I am getting frustrated about this skin wound and the lymphedema on the right side, which you could tell from my last post. I think the frustration was colored by the fact that I had work to do, too, and I'd already promised to hang out and help during Eddie's Field Day, which meant my work was going to be delayed.

Field Day was fun (but someone needs to show about half of those kids how to throw!) - I was able to cheer Eddie on the 440. He just kept running, even though he was near the end of the pack. I then stayed at his school and had a barbecued hot dog with the rest of the group. I was hungry, so it tasted wonderful!

So, after a quiet night and being lazy this morning, I have now finished the laundry, the dishes and the grocery shopping. Then took Eddie to the arcade and then to my sister's so that I could go garage saling with my folks. I found a few books, an unusual but nice, comfy warm jacket for work (I have a collection of unusual jackets that I wear with slacks for work - not the outdoor jackets, but more like blazers, but I hate saying "blazers"), a couple of games for Eddie, and one of those dish-like things to put under a potted plant. What are those called?

Eddie and I are relaxing and then in a little while, we take off to pick up Brenda and then we're going to play cards. That is, Brenda and me, and Eddie will get to play video games on the Wii, the Nintendo, or the Playstation.

And, Jeanne (NYC), thank you for the compliment about my smile. It made me smile! : )

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Carver said...

Those field days can be tiring and I'm glad it went well. I'm also glad you got 9 hours of sleep. That's Great. Have fun with cards.