Monday, May 12, 2008

A Black Toenail for a Losing Cause

Last night was the first softball game of the season. We stayed pretty close the first few innings and then we just lost it - we had too many errors and not enough hits! Bummer deal, man! And, then, the next to last inning, as I threw a ball in from outfield, my left big toe jammed into the front of the shoe! I think the shoe may be too long (but I had to go up 1/2 a size because part of my foot is so wide), so my foot slipped while the shoe stayed put. I just took off my toenail polish (a nice turquoise blue to match my ipod) to see what it looked like - and there's a lovely black and blue area under the nail. Crap! Don't know if that'll affect whether or not I can play next week. And, we ended up losing 19-9. Darnit! But the pizza and beer afterwards was still fun. Our new teammate is only 25! He was born the year I graduated from high school. Doesn't that make me feel old? Talk about adding insult (age!) to injury (turf toe, I think).


jeanne said...

excuse me, dee. aren't you an academic? aren't we required by our occupation to be lousy athletes?! yet, you seem to ENJOY sports. hmmmmm. (no wonder your toenail turned black. It's nature's way of saying "get back to the computer and the fluorescent lighting!" ;^) ) nyc jeanne (Day #3 of exercising over here. WIsh me luck!)

Dee said...

Hi NYC Jeanne,
Yes, I'm an academic, but when I was a kid, my dad thought it was important to do at least one sport a year - so I started playing softball when I was 10. The older kids stuck me in the outfield (it was an after-school league or something) and I think I caught two balls the whole season - surprised everyone else - so then I guess I was hooked. In other words, I played sports before I became an academic (although I got straight A's in school).

So, yes, I do enjoy sports. These days, though, I think it might be more the beer and pizza afterwards than actually winning! LOL And, yes, I do need to get back to the computer and the #&%$* fluorescent lighting!

Hey, good luck with exercising! How was the acupuncture?