Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update - Vaccine Side Effects

I woke up Tuesday morning with more swelling in my lymph nodes in the left arm pit. They'd been painful for a couple of days. I decided to go back to taking Ibuprofen and after a day, the swelling went down to where it was last week.

My sleep had been interrupted with hot flashes, which I attributed to 1) rationing this one Chinese herb I was taking (Blue citrus); and 2) not eating an Anticancer diet. I went back to the normal dose - luckily I saw my acupuncturist yesterday - and have been doing fairly well with the diet: green tea, tofu, curry, veggies, and flaxseed on my cereal.

I had itching at the vaccination site for a couple of days - and the area was red until this morning. It's now almost normal.

I had fatigue on Tuesday and part of the day yesterday - I went to Bunco, though, with an old high school friend and some of her buddies. I won $5! (Well, I won $10, but I chipped $5 into the pot.) That was fun.

Today, I met with an incoming grad student and then we went to lunch with her and my Ph.D. student, and then had a meeting at the Longhouse. So, I didn't get any writing or research done . . . but building and maintaining relationships is a good thing.

This evening, I met with colleagues for a glass of red wine and visiting. That was fun! (Red wine is on the anticancer list!)

Tomorrow, I meet with my Ph.D. student again - then I have a parent-teacher conference with Eddie's teacher, then a faculty meeting, and then a committee meeting. I *hope* I can get some work done. I need to call an elder to schedule a time for an interview.

It was beautiful and 67 today - sunny - and that made it hard to think about working and more conducive to visiting. I had good energy today. I felt normal. The sunshine helped!

Thanks to everyone for being a friend!

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