Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lists - April

Laurie, over at Not Just About Cancer, has been using lists the last couple of months to help her stay on track for several projects that she's doing.

I made a list in February and then forgot in March. So, I'm reposting my February list - and the progress I've made - and then posting my goals for April.

February's list:
1. Interview 3 or 4 more Yup'ik/Inupiaq elders for the Alaska Statehood project.
Progress: I have interviewed two more Yup'ik elders for the Alaska Statehood project. I am having difficulty finding others to interview, particularly because I have to do them by telephone. I hope to get those completed this month.

2. Do research on breast cancer blogs - I'm trying to compile a list of the major complaints or problems breast cancer patients face which can be passed on to care providers.
Progress: I have been reading the blogs - but I haven't done the formal analysis yet. I just need a good amount of concentrated time.

3. Submit a workshop proposal for an indigenous project I'm working on with some other indigenous scholars.
Progress: The proposal hasn't been submitted yet, but it's finally moving forward again after being stalled - partly because so much has been going on with me.

4. Find and draft a grant proposal to buy me out of classes next year.
Progress: I didn't find a new grant program, because I found out that I received a Center for Humanities Fellowship at OSU, which buys me out of two courses next winter. I did submit a grant proposal to organize all the data and papers from the King Island Place Names Project. COMPLETED

5. Submit a conference proposal to bring students to the International Conference on Indigenous Place Names.
Progress: I've drafted a budget and wrote one page of a 15-page narrative. Yikes. Lots more to do.

6. Finish my mosaic.
Progress: The mosaic is finished and out in the back yard. I even glued the tiles on a brand new mosaic entitled "Riding the Waves". I hope that dad can help me put an edge on this one (which will be part of a bench on the deck) and then I can grout it and seal it. COMPLETED

7. Shred old financial documents.
Progress: Still sitting on my bedroom floor. I think I'll take them to the credit union tomorrow and ask them to do it! : ) Hey, my goal just said to "shred them" - not WHO needs to shred them.

8. Organize storage closet.
Progress: I asked dad to organize that closet because he was bored one day. Again, it just said to organize it, not WHO! ; 0 ) COMPLETED

9. Help Eddie create his Valentine's Day Box. I think we're shooting to make a Mario-kart look-alike.
Progress: COMPLETED. It was a fun project!

10. Meditate and practice qigong 4-5 times per week.
Progress: For the most part, I've been doing qigong 4-5 times a week. I haven't gone to meditation for awhile - the times just don't quite fit my schedule (right after Eddie's school one day and dinner time another day). COMPLETED

So, five of the 10 have been accomplished this month - with some help from my dad. Here's my list for April:

1. Complete two more interviews with Yup'ik elders or community members, with report written by June 1.

2. Cancer blog analysis, with report written by June 30.

3. Indigenous GIS proposal submitted (#3 above).

4. Conference proposal for International Conference on Indigenous Place Names (#5 above).

5. Apply for a one-week writing retreat on Mt. St. Helens - Due May 1.

6. Continue practicing qigong 4-5 times/week; meditate at least 2 times/week. Integrate stretching and strengthening exercises for my arms and shoulders for lymphedema every day.

7. Try to phase out more sugars and simple carbs from diet; increase the Omega-3s/anti-inflammatory foods.

8. Shred old documents and file receipts and bill statements.

9. Finish Riding the Waves mosaic.

10. Begin beadwork project for "Beading for a Cause".

Maybe this will be the kick in the butt I need to stay on track! : )


laurie said...

Yes! These are great. And there is a nice balance of stuff in here too. Let me know when you are done your report on cancer blogs.
The beaded project takes my breath away. Actually, you pretty much take my breath away.

Dee said...

Hi Laurie,
Me? Take your breath away? I always look up to you because I'm so impressed with the way you're living your life! And, a published author at that. Very cool! Anyway, thanks! I hope you are well!