Sunday, April 25, 2010

A good few days - with some Herceptin side effects

I had my latest Herceptin treatment on Thursday - and felt fairly good the rest of the day. Maybe a little bit of tiredness but not the eye-droopy fatigue I've felt before. I went into my office and printed some stuff off to work at home (not that I've touched it).

Friday, I went on an all-day fieldtrip with Eddie's class. We went to the State Capitol in Salem, then the Mission Mill Museum, and then the Pioneer Cemetery. We walked up to the top of the tower - where they have this huge golden statue of a "pioneer" which can be seen for miles. It was pretty cool but over 100 steps up. We had lunch in the plaza in front of the Capitol.

Mission Mill was interesting but rather than teaching kids about how mills used to work and how wool was made, she kept whizzing the kids through the exhibits (we had a "task-mistress" for a tour guide who kept saying, "okay, we're power walking!" - followed by a really brisk walk to the next exhibit where she'd start talking before we all got there. Then, since the people at the back didn't hear the beginning, we didn't know what she was explaining! That's not a good tour guide - that's giving the tour but not paying attention to your audience, which my students in folklore know is a crucial part of any kind of oral performance. Some of the parents, including me, would salute behind her back - mean, I know, but criminy!)

Then, after a snack, we went to Pioneer Cemetery and saw the headstones for people who died over 100 years ago - some as early as the 1850s, maybe 1845. Eddie had fun because he and the other boys started chasing the girls. : )

Then, we got back to Corvallis around 5pm. I had a great time visiting with the other parents (there were 8 of us and 14 kids). We got caught up, joked, helped some with the kiddos, and just enjoyed the day. We had high clouds, but by the end of the day, it was in the low 60s with some sun peeking out here and there.

By the time I got home, I was really tired. Took it easy by watching TV in my bed. My feet were achey from all the walking.

Yesterday, one of my friends from UAF was in town - she'd come down here to interview a few people in Salem and Portland, then went to Newport to visit an old friend of hers, and we spent a few hours hanging out. We went to Farmer's Market (with my folks and Eddie), then the New Morning Bakery for lunch, and then K. and I went to Fitton Green for a short hike. It was chilly up top with a stiff wind. We got back into town and I showed her all the flowering rhododendrons around the MU Quad and then Central Park, and then we stopped at Trader Joe's - she had to pick up some stuff for a friend. And, then she was off to the airport. It was great to visit with her - it's been a couple of years since I've last seen her. I love hanging with old friends!

I was tired again yesterday evening - just took it easy again watching movies.

Today? I got a good night's sleep - we may go to Home Depot to get supplies for a side shed, I want to grout my mosaic, I need to go to softball practice and sign the roster - I might go for a walk with a colleague. So a full day is in store, putzing around, doing errands, etc. It's supposed to be 70 and sunny. Got to get out and enjoy myself!

Overall, I haven't quite the fatigue I had with previous treatments. I'm still tired, but not the droopy-eyed fatigue. I still have the swollen lymph nodes - I thought there had been some decrease in the swelling last week, but now it's about the same. I'll call tomorrow for my tumor marker results from the other day. I credit the new herbs that Brodie gave me - they do seem to help with my energy level.

Happy Sunday!


Daria said...

Girl you are amazing ... I can't believe the energy you have ... always doing so much.

Dee said...

Hi Daria, you should see my colleagues - they are always on the go! It is hard for me to sit still and relax . . .