Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October MOTM

I haven't posted a Mandala of the Month (MOTM) since July . . . there was too much going on in August and September. At any rate, here is what I've done for October. The blank one looks like: (will upload the photo as soon as blogger lets me)

I entitled my coloring "Happiness is Floating in a Snow Globe". Please forgive the tone and the out-of-focus look - it's my camera and I tried to fix the color, but I wasn't very successful.

When I talked to Maureen, the Mandala Lady, at her shop, she said that this month's mandala has a lot of circles which look like bubbles. Bubbles reminded me of Eddie's toddlerhood - he loved bubbles and usually giggled when we blew bubbles. So, I thought I'd make something in cheerful colors. When I looked at the circles, I saw shapes. The first one was the shape of a dog, kinda like those dogs that balloon artists make with those long balloons that they twist around into various shapes. So, I added a circle or two and made it a dog. I did the same with other dots, adding more circles to create various shapes, like a teddy bear, a snow man, ducks, the sun, faces, etc. Then, the line that Maureen drew through the circle sorta reminded me of a landscape - or a snow globe with a scene on the bottom and air above - so I kept the color schemes between the two somewhat separate.

Overall, it's whimsical and cheery, which more or less describes the mood I've been in these past couple of weeks with regard to my health. What a change from Slow Burn, which was the June MOTM, huh? : )


Carver said...

I love your MOTM. I still haven't gotten back to doing them. I did so many for a while and loved doing the book you sent me. I'm sure I'll start doing them again at some point.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
I thought you might like this one! As for coloring ... hmm, I didn't color for awhile either and with work really ramping up, I think I need to make sure that I do color more to help relax and wind down from the work stress. On the other hand, you take photos all the time and I rarely do . . .so that's your creative outlet, right?