Monday, October 6, 2008

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Twice in the past few weeks, I have either asked about something and/or suggested to do something at work . . . now guess who gets to do them? One has to do with a conference that will be held in Portland next October and the other with a grant preproposal, due mid-next week.

I think I need to keep my mouth shut, huh? : )

No other news to report ... just doing well health-wise and trying to keep up at work!


MisAnthropology said...

When I was working at the Chamber, an elderly man called one day wanting to find someone who would remove a wasps' nest from his home for free. He didn't want someone to do it as an act of charity; he wanted someone who could use the wasps and their venom for some greater purpose, like research. I scrambled all over the phone all day long following leads provided by OSU Extension, just because I felt a certain amount of compassion for the man. It turns out he was a Romanian survivor of the Holocaust, and had incredible stories to tell. And it turns out that virtually everyone whom he had ever encountered hated him, including his own son, who I just happened to meet a couple of years later.

After my day-long pursuit looking for his free of charge wasp exterminators, he sent me a rose out his garden in the hands of a neighbor and said to me over the phone: "Remember, no good deed goes unpunished... may your life be full of punishment."

Gee. Thanks.

Dee said...

Wow, interesting story, Mary . . . not exactly encouraging, huh?

Teresa Hartman said...

Feeling your situation there, Dee! I am currently swimming in some ponds that I helped create, thanks to my suggestions and ideas offered as help, but got turned back on me. I figure the experiences will give me more stories (grin!). Thinking of you-Teri

Carver said...

Ha, I know the feeling.

Dee said...

Hi Teri and Carver,
So, is this phenomena of suggesting ideas and then getting handed them back limited to just women? Or does this happen to men, too?

I was going to say maybe we should keep quiet more often, but women fought so hard in order to get heard that I better not say that, huh?

Hope you both are doing well! I am! If a bit too busy at work . . .