Friday, November 9, 2007

Some anxiety relief

Hello again,
So, I met with my surgeon, Dr. Faddis, today. First, he said that he didn't think that the surgery would be postponed because of my cough, so that was a bit of a relief to hear. Second, although most of the books state that I may not have any sensation post-surgery, he thought that after a few weeks, some sensation does come back, although he wasn't sure if it would for the reconstructed nipple, but perhaps for the other one. So, that means, ahem, that that might mean I have one headlight out, if you get my drift!! Also, for my friends who are in law enforcement, I will be carrying a note from my doctor stating that I shouldn't wear the shoulder belt in the car after surgery - so don't pull me over and give me a ticket! : ) I can't remember what else we discussed, but I see my plastic surgeon on Monday, so if any inquiring minds out there want to know something, let me know and I will ask it! Have a good week-end, everyone!

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