Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another huge thanks!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who was able to come to my "Boob Ball"! There was a lot of laughter, good food, and good company! I think I may have surprised a lot of people with my balloon activity: I bought pink balloons and asked everyone to blow a balloon up to the size they think I should be after reconstruction! Afterwards, I asked people to put an "f" on the balloon if they were female and an "m" if they were male. The results of my gender study: 3 males and 5 females thought I should be "large" (i.e., DD cup or larger); 5 females and 4 males thought I should be "medium" (i.e., C or D) and 8 females and 3 males thought I should be small (i.e., A or B). So, while I thought I could predict that more males would want me to be larger, there were actually more females: one of my female guests said that she blew her balloon up large because she always wanted to be bigger! So, there you go.

Okay, in terms of the three contests, the winners are: Allison Davis-Whiteeyes won the prize for the best "boob food" - a cake made to look like boobs! Courtney Everson won the prize for the best visual joke - a cartoon. And, Scott Harms won the prize for the best word joke. I will try to learn how to post photos of the cake and the visual joke and the word joke tomorrow. Again, a big thanks to everyone who was here. It was really a great time and I think the memories of the party will sustain me through and after surgery!

And, again, I wanted to thank everyone who read the blog and even if you couldn't be here, your spirits were and for that I thank you, too!

This week will be kinda busy. I have some appointments Mon and Tues and I will give a lecture to the OSU Folk Club on Monday evening. Then, Wed to Fri, I will be in Washington DC attending some meetings at the National Science Foundation. Then, I'll be home a week before surgery on Nov 16, discharge from the hospital may be Nov 18 and I will be home just four days before Thanksgiving.

Thank you, too, for all the jokes! I read a lot of them, but will probably take the time to read the rest in the next couple of days. Thanks again!


Lee Sherman said...

Hey Deanna,

It sounds like your party was a blast. I feel sad that I couldn't make it, but I had a prior engagement. I'll be thinking of you in the days ahead. Your positive attitude is an inspiration!


mynameischarlene said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care! Lots of love Charlene and kids.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

The Boob Ball was fantastic! What a blast!