Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memorial Fund

A few notes from Deanna Kingston's family.

Kim Nelson has set up a memorial fund to help the family with impending costs. Donations can be made to Deanna Kingston Memorial Account, OSU Federal Credit Union, PO Box 306, Corvallis, OR 97339-0306.

The family is working on setting up a "Memorial Service" for Deanna at the OSU Native American Longhouse sometime in January. Please check back later for more information.

Deanna's family will also be hosting "A Celebration of Life" for Deanna next summer. This event will most likely be held at the coast where the family intends to go out on a boat and spread Deanna's ashes in the ocean. Deanna chose to be cremated with some of her ashes spread along the Oregon coast and some sent to Nome to be spread at King Island by King Islanders.


Sarah Tremaine said...

This all still brings me to tears. I didnt get a chance to meet her, but she has kept me going in my fight of cancer as well. I will be glad to help out with this as well as somethings me and Scott have talked about. I have so much to say, but the tears stop me from seeing the screen well. R.I.P Dee

Eddie, you are an awesome kid, you are in my thoughts always.

Patricia Parker said...

I feel sad for the lost.
My prayers for the family.
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