Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Productive Week-end

Spent most of my week-end putzing around and trying to clean up, both at home and in my office. Friday night, I paid bills.

Saturday, my folks came over and dad did most of the yard work and I helped - I finally used the leaf blower for the first time. I usually let those testosterone-types used it. Now I know how that Tim Allen on Home Improvemehn felt - the leaf blower was pretty cool! My dad blew the leaves off the driveway at my neighbor's house and then I took the thing across the street to my other neighbor (another Deanna) to blow them off of her driveway. Deanna broke her elbow a couple of months ago and she was much appreciative as the needles, sticks and leaves in her driveway were driving her nuts. All the leaves and needles were there courtesy of the barrage of storms we got a few weeks ago.

I also spent THREE hours in my office putting away books and filing away files. I'd brought in a bunch of books and files that I'd had at home for a few years, thinking that I'd be working at home, but I never did. So, I brought them back into my office. I've bought books lately so that meant spending some time rearranging my shelves and also files in the filing cabinet. I also filed away things in my home office area. Mom helped me put away Christmas decorations. Dad and I took the last of the Christmas lights off the house.

Kinda hate to put Christmas stuff away.

Today, I went to Portland to hang out with Scott for awhile. We got a good chat in and spent some time at Powell's Bookstore. I sold a few books that I had to them. Eddie needed a couple more books in the series he's reading, a detective named Chet Gecko. I picked up Eddie at his dad's house and then went to my sister's for dinner. It was fun visiting with them - plus I didn't have to cook!! In the meantime, my brother Scott made repairs to Eddie's 'novelty slot machine' that he got in Vegas, so we stopped by their house to pick it up.

I've also spent some time the past couple of mornings trying to meditate about my upcoming surgery - visualizing what the surgeon is going to do and trying to "talk" to the tissue so that the surgery goes well and that I heal quickly afterwards. I told Scott about my visualizations - I basically talked to the tissue cells as if they were neighbors on the street and that some of the neighbors have to relocate to another area. But even though they're going to miss their old neighbors they can still stay in touch via email and that they will have new neighbors. I told them all that it's all for the greater good. Scott just chuckled. He thought it was funny, but he also said, "hey if it works for you, more power to you!"

Well, got to get ready for bed. Another day, another dollar, right?


laurie said...

A very productive week end! I'm going to check out the Chet Gecko books for my voracious reader. And my spouse would be very impressed with your little gambler in training. ;-)
And thanks for the reminder about the role visualization can play in our subconscious - I could use some of that these days.

Carver said...

Sounds like a good and productive weekend. I'll be sending out good vibes for your surgery.

Dee said...

Hi Laurie,
Yep, Eddie seems to like Chet Gecko, although certainly not as well as the Wayside School books and the Magic Treehouse ones.

And, as far as gambling, I just hope that he learns the gambling lessons sooner rather than later.

I'd forgotten my visualizations, so it was time to remember them.

Heya Carver, Thanks for sending out the good vibes! They are much appreciated. I hope you know that!